FCS - Midwest Office

Michigan - Illinois

FCS began working with growers in Michigan almost seven years ago. We have completed CAFO NPDES Permits, NRCS CAP-CNMPs, and CAP-NMPs that meet all MI-GAAMP & MAEAP requirements for customers throughout the state. We have approved Technical Service Providers CAP-CNMP developers on staff ready to work with you.

Please give us a call to discuss the CNMP development process or any questions you might have on CAFO permitting. We are happy to come out to the farm for a preliminary meeting and cost estimate. During the initial visit, FCS will walk the production area, gather a few key pieces of data and work to understand what the farms long-term goals are. After this initial visit FCS can provide the farm a cost estimate and time-line for CNMP development.

We NEVER charge for our initial visit and are always happy to provide some advice whether you choose to work with FCS in the long run.

We believe CNMPs and long-term farm planning are essential for any farms economic success. With the rising cost of farm inputs, fuel, seeds, and environmental compliance, there is no place for inefficiency on the farm. Record keeping associated with implementation of a farm CNMP can be a great tool to initiate taking an in-depth look at every aspect of your farms operation to see where efficiencies can be achieved. Improvements may come from improving water quality in around the farm, providing farm field specific crop recommendations, or designing strategic waste management systems that help the farm maximize nutrients generated annually.

Working with FCS annually is the best way for us to help you analyze manure use, yield benefit from manure, manure management costs, and to determine the best ways to utilize manure nutrients going forward. At FCS we believe farms must begin to close input loop holes, lower input costs, and achieve greater production with improved management. Adding fertilizer, spending more on triple stack seed traits, these are not always the answers to improved yield production. A farm must focus on what they can control to seek improved yields and more efficient systems for the farms bottom line. 

Please do not hesitate to give us a call:

David Weber, TSP, Msc
P.O. Box 676
Owosso, MI 48867
Office - 802-318-1413/517-490-3427
Email - david.weber@farmcomplianceservices.com

I have been working in Michigan for the last seven years and grew up in the Midwest. I am a certified USDA-NRCS Technical Service Provider and have been certified to do NRCS CAP-CNMPs & NMPs.  I have dedicated much of my professional career to understanding farm nutrient management, water and soil chemistry, and farm best management practices. I have inspected CAFO's as a state regulator, been part of EPA federal farm inspections in several states, reviewed & approved CNMPs and worked with USDA-NRCS on CNMPs in Vermont, New York, and Michigan.

Before opening up FCS's Midwest business, I worked for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets. While working for the Department of Agriculture in Vermont I was tasked with creating the states CNMP rules for the Vermont CAFO Permit and managed a large portion of the states farm General CAFO permitting program for medium size feeding operations.

I have a Master of Science in Soil & Water Chemistry, from the University of Vermont, and have specialized in Phosphorus remediation on farm production areas for many years. After a decade working with all types of farming operations, I am familiar with much of the current technology, machinery and Alternative Waste Management Practices employed today.

It is always a pleasure to meet farmers, walk the facilities and discuss long-term sustainable goals that ensure the farms economic vitality while improving the farms environmental stewardship.

Below I have provided several links and documents detailing the specific programs we work with in the state of Michigan.


Contact for David Weber, MI CAP CNMP Certified, Grand Rapids area: 802-318-1413

CONTACT for Joshua Ketchum, MI CAP-CNMP certified, Owosso area: Cell - 517-490-3427

Permit Documents & Links

Michigan - EGLE - CAFO NPDES General Permit 2015
Download a PDF of this document.

MI-CAFO NPDES Draft 2020 General Permit
Download a PDF of this document.

Michigan Dept. of Agriculture - Manure GAAMPs
A link to the MDA GAAMP description

Michigan Dept. of Agriculture - GAAMP website
A link to MDA pollution prevention program summary and status.

Michigan Agriculture & Environmental Insurance Program (MAEAP)
A voluntary program dedicated to improving farmstead, crop, and livestock environmental sustainability.

EGLE MI-CAFO permit Website
A link to the Michigan EGLE (formally DEQ) CAFO NPDES permit website.