Variable Rate Lime and fertilizer recommendations - Mapping

FCS uses state of the art technology to help our clients integrate their grid-sampling with crop recommendations (LaserAg). If you already have grid samples or are planning to have your fields grid sampled, FCS can provide custom maps for Lime, P, and K recommendations. We also provide maps that show soil sample results for any fields with grid sampling.

FCS is happy to integrate any fields with grid sampling into the development of a farm CNMP or to provide a basic Nutrient Management plan using your grid-sample data.

Record+ software can be used as the one tool to keep all of your farms grid sample soil test data in the same location as your manure application records, and any other components of your CNMP.

FCS provide; soil test mapping, variable rate application maps, and tractor navigation files for applicators if needed.

An example of our maps demonstrating the variable soil test P levels of fields around a farmstead: