FCS - Northeast Offices

New York - Vermont 

Matt Kittredge, NRCS VT-CAP Certified TSP, NY CCA - 802-377-2779

Paul Murphy, CCA, NY AEM certified planner - 315-849-4330

Andrew Schuyler - field technician - 315-729-2808

Amanda Marcelynas - data specialist - amanda.marcelynas@farmcomplianceservices.com

For more than a decade, FCS has provided Agronomic and nutrient management consulting services to farmers in the northeast – we continue to help our clients navigate state CAFO permitting and annual reporting while providing a product that helps increase on-farm efficiencies and profitability.

Our services include:

  • CNMP/NMP Plan development - TSP-CAP certified plans

  • CAFO permit and NMP Yearly updates - TSP and AEM certified plans and permits. 

  • CAFO Annual reporting - New York and VT CAFO reporting requirements support. 

  • Individualized farm record keeping solutions

  • Indivudualized farm data analytics (comparison and trend analysis)
  • Record keeping software - R+ 

  • Drone fly over based production area mapping. 

​Any service we provide comes with free use of the record keeping software, Record+, along with farm record calendars, field record keeping booklets and other farm specific recording keeping tools. In no way are you required to use our software; but we strongly encourage farms to consider using data management tools that can help improve collection, storage and analysis of data on the farm.

Are you applying for CAP-CNMP and NRCS-EQIP cost-share?  Do you need a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)?  We can help!  Contact our certified TSP CAP Planners to discuss your farms needs.

Paul Murphy, CCA, NY AEM Certified Planner, NRCS certified TSP 

NY, PA – Central & Western New York
P.O. Box 188
LaFayette, NY 13084
Office: 315-849-4330
Mobile: 315-427-4947
Email: paul.murphy@farmcomplianceservices.com 

Matt Kittredge, CCA, NRCS VT - CAP Certified TSP, and pending AEM NY certification 

VT, NY – Vermont & Eastern New York
Mobile: 802-377-2779
Email: matt.kittredge@farmcomplianceservices.com 

Andrew Schuyler, NY Field Techician

Mobile: 315-729-2808
Email: andrew.schuyler@farmcomplianceservices.com
Amanda Marcelynas 
Email: amanda.marcelynas@farmcomplianceservices.com

New York and Vermont Permit Documents & Links

NY - DEC CAFO Permit web page

NY - NRCS 590 standard (For NMPs)
Download a PDF of this document.

NY-NRCS CNMP Process Description
Download a PDF of this document.

Cornell Spear Program
A link to all New York Nutrient Management standards and supporting research used as guidelines for FCS CNMP, NMP and Agronomic services.