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Vermont Agency of Agriculture releases new Floodplain rules for state of VT - 

Vermont Agency of Agriculture requests Large Farm Operations (LFOs) to attend meeting to discuss LFO permit implementation, process, hurdles. 

Fall, 2021 - Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) has released a draft version of the proposed VT-CAFO NDPES permit. 

Fall 2021, VAAFM - has coordinated meetings to respond to ANR published VT-CAFO NPDES permit. 

Required Agricultural Practices - New Regulations for Vermont Farms

The former Accepted Agricultural Practices, the base-level of environmental management required of all Vermont farms, are set to be replaced by Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs).

Who will the new regulations affect?  Almost everyone - but maybe small farms the most.

What do the RAPs require?  

Here is a short list of some of the new regulations:

  • 25' buffers on all surface waters - including rivers streams, and ponds
  • 10' buffers on all ditches
  • A certified Nutrient Management Plan for all Certified Small Farm (CSF)

Is your farm a CSF? Do you need a Nutrient Management Plan?

If you have more than 50 dairy cows, 75 dairy young stock, 75 beef animals, or 40 horses - yes, you do and we can help.  

Call Matt Kittredge to learn more about the planning process: 802-377-2779

More Resources for Vermont Farmers

Medium and Large Farm Operations

The Medium and Large Farm Operations permitting programs are a Vermont-specific option to Federal CAFO regulation.  Like the CAFO regulations, they require any farm with 200+ dairy cows, 300+ dairy young stock, or 300+ beef animals to implement a NMP.

Is your farm a MFO or LFO?  Are you looking for a NMP that will be useful and will help your bottom-line?  Give us a call: 802-377-2779


Medium Farm Operations Program

Large Farm Operations Program

About Vermont's Planner

Matt Kittredge comes to us with 15 years experience in the agricultural and environmental fields, having worked internationally and in multiple northeast states.  He was the first private planner certified by the USDA-NRCS in 2004; reviewed nutrient management plans and inspected farms for the State of Vermont; and most recently developed carbon foot printing standards in Europe.

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