About Farm Compliance Services

FCS was founded in 1999 by CCA Jacques Nault, who at the time had over 20 years of experience as an agronomist in Quebec, CA. He began FCS to service clients in northern New York state and Vermont, where farmers had heard of his expertise as a crop consultant. Jacques and his brother Charles founded Logiag, a Quebec company 20 years ago, serving clients throughout Canada, and Jacques branched out to the US in 2006.

In 2008, FCS hired David Weber, previously a CAFO farm regulator in Vermont, to manage and direct FCS. David set up shop in Grand Rapids, and provides services to a variety of farm clients throughout Michigan. 

In November, 2014, David Weber purchased FCS from Jacques & Charles Nault. This began a new chapter in our drive to provide improved Nutrient Management and farm analytical services. Our relationship with the Nault's will continue as we believe FCS can only be stronger with relationships with planners and farmers throughout the US and Canada.

Our focus at FCS is to offer personalized farm consulting services. All of FCS customers receive our attention and dedication in helping reach long-term farm growth goals.  We are one of the only firms in the nation to specialize in nutrient management and manure utilization services. Our priority is your farms long-term economic vitality, the long-term environmental health of your farm land, and the efficiencies that must be achieved to continue farming long into the future.

At FCS we do not sell or advertise fertilizer, seeds, or chemicals. We provide data based advise using each states approved agronomic guidelines. If you don't need it, we don't recommend it, because we have no interest in recommending inputs the farms simply does not need. 

Our firm is committed to offering efficient, high-quality compliance services that are customized to your farm requirements, and we do so at an affordable price.

To help our CAFO and NRCS-CNMP clients keep up with annual program requirements, we partner with Logiag to provide a free record keeping software, compatible for any grid sampling or other precision agriculture data your farm currently is using. If interested, FCS clients receive Record + for free. There is no way of doing long-term nutrient planning without good records, and having a simple and easy record keeping system is the only way to have the records needed for the desision making process.

To ensure comfortable and responsive local service, FCS visits the farm as many times as it takes to understand your farm, how you operate, and what you need to be economically sustainable long into the future. In some areas FCS works through established firms in the local community such as seed, fertilizer or herbicide dealers, to help bridge the gaps that can exist between field data, farms purchased inputs, yield and decision making.

Since its foundation, farmers have placed their confidence in FCS and it parent company, for the preparation of their CNMP, NMP, and CAFO permits. Our farms trust our experience and science based recommendations concerning fertilizers, crop rotation, tillage, and manure management.