Company News

2016 was a productive year for many of our clients. Plenty of Waste Storage Facilities, manure transfers, heavy use areas and general improvements were made as farms continue to grow for the next generation.
Matt Kittredge has finished his first full year out in Vermont as our lead planner. Matt completed the requirements needed to re-instate his TSP certificaiton and is not a NRCS - CAP certified NMP planner for the state of Vermont. With Matt's leadership FCS has greatly improved our services throughout Vermont and set the company in much improved direction. We are offering a great deal of services to our Vermont farms and we hope to meet more down the road. Matt has already successfully helped farmers meet LFO CAFO requirements, MFO annual permit compliance, NRCS funded Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans and NRCS Nutrient Management plans. We work with farmers on a variety of services included record management that we hope will lead to improved analytical work at the farm level in Vermont.
In Michigan and New York FCS was busy as usual. Dave & Josh are running loops all over Michigan trying to keep up with the farmers on CNMPs this summer. With the new roll out of MWaters we have also been busy updating and revising various documents for CAFO-NPDES permits throughout the state. We continue to enjoy working with a diverse group of farmers and we hope our dedication to the state of Michigan continues to convince farms to give FCS a try when thinking about nutrient management on the farm.
NOTE for next years planning season: If your plan highlighted the need to soil sample fields for your 2016 NMP update please make sure soil sampling is scheduled as we head into the harvest season. Get in touch with us if you need FCS to help with soil sampling or need a reminder about what fields need a new sample.