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The weather conditions throughout the 2019 season have been brutal, no other way to put it, and everyone is struggling with their crops. After a flooded spring, late planting and less than ideal summer conditions, now we have snow in early November and fields that are too wet to get equipment on. We have been working with many of you to help determine appropriate changes in planting, application, or basic needs trying to adjust as much as possible. If we have not been already, we will be in touch about gathering yield data, manure spreading data, and discuss plans for 2020.  

2019 – Manure Ag Expo – Fairoaks Indiana

This year I traveled down to Fairoaks, home to one of the largest if not the largest dairy facility in the Midwest. Fairoaks is definitely one of a kind. There are multiple large CAFO’s centered around the town, with connections to rail lines, digesters, processing facilities – the town is a bit of a wonderland for dairy folks.

The Manure Ag Expo was not run by Fairoaks dairy, it just took place in Fairoaks. We took in various field demonstrations; injector equipment (both on corn and standing hay/forage), dragline equipment, and several types of liquid manure tankers were on site. In addition, we checked ou the latest and greatest manure spreading equipment, agitators, solid separation systems and other attachment equipment. There were a few seminars, but the real fun was getting to see all the new manure spreading equipment that is out there and available.


2019 – Mapshots training – Dave Weber went down to Indianapolis for one of the Mapshots regional training seminars. As more of our clients invest in precision ag. systems, we continue to improve our understanding and ability to work with a range of software tools. Attending these conferences and using several of the current record keeping software tools out on the market helps us improve services for many of our clients. 


Vermont - Matt Kittredge (VT CAP-NMP planner) continues to improve on our services in Vermont. This year Matt added Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) to his list of credentials. Matt continues to work with our produces in Vermont to improve farm management, efficiency, and compliance to the state CAFO permit.    


In Michigan

*** As expected, EGLE (formerly DEQ) has finally published a draft version of the proposed changes to the SPDES – CAFO state General Permit 2020. There are significant proposed changes to the CAFO permit in Michigan, and these changes, if implemented, will impact ALL of our CAFO clients in the state. If we have not contacted you already, please give us a call to touch base about these changes.

**Public comments concerning changes to the CAFO permit can be submitted through Dec, 18th, 2019 –we strongly encourage ALL of our clients to submit comment and can discuss this with you at anytime.


NOTE for next year’s planning season: If your spring CNMP/NMP highlighted the need to soil sample fields for your 2019 - 2020 update, please make sure soil sampling is scheduled as we head into the harvest season. Get in touch with us if you need FCS to help with soil sampling or need a reminder about what fields need a new sample.