FCS Team Member and Title (in order of alphebatized last name):

Krista Battles – NE Farm Technician  

Krista Battles lives in central Vermont and holds a B.S. from Northern Vermont University’s Environmental Analyses Program. Throughout her studies she has worked as a field naturalist and educator for both New York State Parks and the Stowe Land Trust in Vermont. As a GIS mapper and programmer for the State of Vermont, she used mapping software and data management to perform complex environmental and spatial analysis. In her work at the Vermont Agency of Agriculture as an inspector and permit processer she worked closely with the rules and guidelines that dictate farm/CAFO compliance in both Vermont and New York. Krista most enjoys getting her hands dirty supporting folks working closely with the land. 


Eric Davis Farm Data Manager

Eric’s career has been dedicated to Learning & Development. At FCS, this specifically means diving into farm data, collaborating with our expert team to uniquely analyze both common and unique farm information, generating insights which lead to farmer ROI and production efficiencies, and sharing this with our clients, partners, and the public. Beginning in 2001, Eric founded and successfully transitioned four companies. He has served as a C-level team member at several others and a consultant to a range of organizations ranging from local NFPs to Fortune 500s. Eric still very much enjoys rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty.


Josh Ketchum – MI Field Technician, TSP, CAP102

Josh is a MI State certified Technical Service Provider (TSP) with more than 10 years of conservation planning experience. Josh has an extensive background and technical expertise in conservation planning and design. He is an analytical and conceptual thinker who has worked with dozens of hardworking Michigan farms to assess opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions, and drive successful implementations. Over the last decade Josh has enjoyed the pleasure of working with all types and sizes of Michigan farms. Big and small, Josh has supported dairy, beef, swine, sheep, poultry, pasture, organic, and more. Josh has lived and worked in many regions of Michigan. He earned a degree from Northern Michigan University specializing in environmental conservation and water quality. Josh is a proud Michigander and relishes spending free time outdoors. When Josh is not working on a farm you can find him enjoying Michigan’s beautiful woods and waters.


Matt Kittredge -- NY & VT Manager, Certified Planner


Paul Murphy, New York BS, CAA, AEM certified Planner 

Paul Murphy has worked for over 40 years in the agricultural industry. He began his career as an Ag custom applicator, later as a territory manager in Ohio for an international ag chemical manufacturer, and then as a territory manager in NY for a national seed company. Since 2007 Paul has worked for FCS providing agronomic and nutrient management planning services to over 35 Farms in New York State annually. Over his time with FCS, Paul has helped the company grow in its mission to improve real-farm data based agronomic decision-making processes that can directly improve long-term environmental indicators throughout the farm. 


Andrew Schuyler -- Drone / GIS Specialist

Andrew joined FCS in September 2021. Andrew comes to FCS as a certified FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Licensee with a strong background in geological and bio sciences. Andrew leads FCS's project of updating farm facility maps with current drone imagery. In addition, Andrew works to enhance services for our clients interested in seeing some of the fascinating and insight-driving data we can now capture with the use of drone technology. He earned a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Geneseo in Geology, with a minor in Geography/GIS. Since graduating, he has become quite familiar with UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems, commonly called drones) and their commercial applications in several fields, with agriculture as a primary focus. Andrew is an FAA-licensed remote pilot and would be happy to discuss how this new and growing technology can be used to improve your farm and business.


David Weber -- Owner & Director

David has been the owner and director of Farm Compliance Services since 2015 and has spent the last 15+ years working in the agricultural sector. After earning a master's degree in Plant and Soil Science (UVM-2006), Dave spent time as an environmental regulator working with dairy farms in New England. That led Dave to FCS, where he spent a decade working as the firm‘s lead agronomist and CAFO permit specialistOn behalf of the entire FCS team, we hope and look forward to working with you in the future.