An Overview of FCS Products & Services

RECORD+ is a simple and free way to collect and manage your farm compliance data.  It begins with a detailed and carefully referenced aerial map of your fields.  Using this as a foundation, all important information about your fields can be entered and recorded year after year... 



CAFO Permit Compliance

At whatever stage your farm is at in becoming a permitted CAFO facility, you can rely on FCS to help you initiate or keep up with all permit requirements. FCS works with permitted facilities in various states, always insuring the farm has all annual reports and NMP update documentation available as needed. If your farm is considering expanding into the CAFO size, we can help develop your farms CNMP and be an advocate for the farm as you move through the complicated permitting process. On an inspection day, the FCS consultant dedicated to your farm will be on hand to speak with state regulators and help you detail how the farm complies with record, operation, and management requirements. 

CAP-CNMP Development for NRCS EQIP programming

If your farm is interested in USDA-NRCS incentive grant programs, FCS can help your farm develop a certified CAP-CNMP. FCS staff are approved Technical Service Providers (TSPs) and have CAP-CNMP/NMP certification. We have years of experience producing approved CNMPs in several state's throughout the Northeast and Midwest. Our consultants have over 15 years of combined experience in developing CNMPs and keeping you farms CNMP up to date. We provide annual NMP update services and work with the farm to develop long-term strategies that promote farm economic vitality while insuring environmental sustainability.

Nutrient Management Annual Updates

Whether you are required to submit an annual update report to the state DEC/DEQ for your CAFO permit or need to provide NRCS annual records for your CNMP implementation, FCS can help you. We got into this work because we believe in the value of annual nutrient management planning. Every spring we can work to set up crop information, recommendations, and manure application schedules. Every summer, reality hits, and we understand that what was planned in the winter-spring may not always happen in the exact same way on the field. This is why an annual nutrient management plan is so valuable, to reconcile and recalculate needs based on actual farm data year over year. FCS is determined to provide you whatever tools you and your employees need to keep records of seedings, yield, manure application and all the rest so we can create a annual update that captures the annual changes on the farm year to year.


General Crop Recommendation Services

We have many clients that do not manage livestock or generate farm manure waste. These clients are predominantly crop farmers, growing a range of products from corn-soybean rotations, to dry beans, potato's, and other market commodities. We work with our crop farmers to create annual crop recommendations, offer advice on importing waste to supplement commercial fertilizer, and provide tools that help them keep all their data in one place (Record+). We welcome any farm that sees the value in annually assessing yield, rotations, soil nutrient levels and how this data must coordinate with annual crop recommendations.


Soil Sampling Services

We are always happy to help our clients with soil sampling. Whether conventional or precision, if you need help with soil sampling we can get it done. We can grid sample to you and provide data to your local Agronomic Retailer if you need that assistance. We believe in the value of soil sampling and want to ensure this gets done as needed with all of our clients. If you need FCS to soil sample give us a call.