Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning

CNMPs and Nutrient Management Plan Updates (NMPs) are the ideal vehicles to help a farm improve important record keeping and data collection. When working with FCS we will help you organize and set up a long-term plan for annual record keeping and data collection. We offer free record keeping software, Record+, and also provide any type of paper driven system that will work for your farm. If your farm already uses a record keeping tool, terrific, we will integrate the data we need into what you are already doing.  

The result is that you get a CNMP is more complete and comprehensive and allows for future analytical work on annual data that makes the initial CNMP structure valuable. CNMP and NMP planning can help meet your production goals and contribute to the conservation of natural resources such as soil and water. A FCS - CNMP will meet your state's water quality regulation requirements, including annual reporting for CAFOs, NRCS CAP-CNMP and NMPs (102 & 104), and other state siting guidelines.

The planning process is divided in four components:

  • data collection, field observation, farmstead assessment, waste volume calculations more
  • diagnosis - analysis of all data more
  • recommendations - manure, fertilizer - including field assessment restrictions when applicable more
  • final reporting  more

It becomes the perfect tool for making informed decisions about:

  • Fertilizer Application Rates and Composition
  • Crop Rotation
  • Tillage
  • Manure Management
  • Farmstead Management
  • Erosion RUSLE2 threshold guidance
  • P-index ratings

As important, the FCS planning reports are designed to be easy to read, to highlight useful information, and to include meaningful recommendations. This way you get the most out of the data collected 

Click here to see typical pages of our CNMP