FCS - Your Expert Team of Agronomists and Environmental Permitting Professionals  

We specialize in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) permit compliance and Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP/NMP) development.

  • Meet complex State and Federal permitting requirements

  • Implement a CNMP that makes sense for your farm

  • Improve farm efficiency and fertilizer utilization 

  • Lower cost-of-production

ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS are now a fact for every farm. 

Farm regulations can impact any size farm operation. State and federal laws governing clean water & air continue to broaden. Ever increasing enforcement requires farms to adapt to changing environmental regulations and farm efficiency expectations. Farms must continue to modernize, grow, and adapt to match the changing landscape of food production and consumer demands. In today's economic setting, a farms ability to utilize farm data, record keeping, and every available option to improve efficiency and the environment can lead to a more profitable operation.

Manure management, crop rotation management, timing, tillage all connect to the farms ability to meet environmental requirements while having economic success. Maintaining annual application records, yield data, staying up-to-date on the farms state permit requirements, and producing annual nutrient management plans takes time that many farms struggle to find. The level of records and reporting for farms gets more complicated every year, and the ability of farms to collect that data has greatly improved. FCS can help your farm find value in the enhanced data collection tools and concepts developing with many of our producers today. Using soil test data, manure records, fertilizer applications, yield date and other management activities FCS can help the farm identify and eliminate potential resource concerns while also improving the farms analytical ability to utilize data in the daily decision making process on the farm. .

Do you need a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan or CAFO Permit?

Our website is here to provide your farm useful information about the latest regulations and developments with State Water quality laws, State CAFO permit regulation, and Federal USDA-NRCS's programs in our state areas (CAP - CNMP/NMP conservation program planning).  More important, FCS can help you find solutions to growing your farm while meeting all of today's environmental regulations.  Check our information on CAFO Annual compliance reporting, annual Nutrient Management planning (Crop fertility and budgets), and  FCS Comprehensive Nutrient Management Services.

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